Fatima and the messages of the Virgin Mary without the proper answer

Stop the destruction of the Christian Heritage! The time has come to make the choice between the teachings of Mary and the traditional Church on the one hand and Protestantism which has a visceral hatred towards the Church on the other.

The Christian conscience must know sin well, never to consider evil good and good evil !

ATONEMENT AND REPARATION FOR SINS, the Holy Mother asks us at Fatima, placing in our hands the weapon with which the great enemies of the faith are defeated: the Holy Rosary!


The spiritual perspective of the earthly man has been replaced by the sanitary one

„We ought to obey God, rather than men.” Acts 5,29, Fr. Ioan Chisarau, 9.05.2021

The Gospel was not conceived for the private space

Fr. Valentin Danciu, 3.05.2021

Let us not be afraid to meet the risen Lord
Resurrection sermon at Holy Mary Queen of Peace church in Timisora, Romania, Fr. Danciu

The cross is the true rainbow that unites Heaven and Earth

Fr. Valentin Danciu, 25.04.2021

If the people return to the Lord, He will forgive their iniquity and will heal their land

Fr. Ioan Chisarau, 21.03.2021

Are we willing to receive the cup of being the first or the last, the one mocked or the one praised?

Fr. Valentin Danciu, 18.04.2021

We are living in a satanic world, dominated by lies

Fr. Ioan Chisarau, 5.04.2021

The demands and costs of Christ’s discipleship

Fr. Valentin Danciu, 4.04.2021

Why do we not advance in holiness?

Fr. Ioan Chisarau, 4.04.2021

The counterfeit Pro-Life Movement in Romania

There is no pandemic without the people mocking the Lord first

Fr. Valentin Danciu

Day of the Unborn Child: Let us be aware of the apocalyptic times we are living in

Fr. Ioan Chisarau

Christians should be more hopefull in this pandemic!

Fr. Ioan Chisarau, 14.03.2021

Fasting according to all the rules of penance

Duminica izgonirii lui Adam din rai și a izgonirii creștinilor din Biserică. Fasting according to all the rules of penance Pr. Valentin Danciu, 14.03.2021 Vă rugăm abonați-vă la canalul youtube ”Regina Pacii”, dați Like și distribuiți pe Facebook.

The True Church rejects the corruption of the Kingdom of God

Fr. Valentin Danciu, 8.03.2021

We are afraid of death, but not of hell
Fr. Ioan Chișărău, 7.03.2021

It takes a life to heal a relationship
Fr. Valentin Danciu

When will the Lord turn His face towards His Church?
Fr. Valentin Danciu

In order to obtain a meek and humble heart
Fr. Ioan Chișărău

A human being is more valuable than the whole Universe
Fr. Ioan Chișărău

Two Centuries ago Mankind was Preoccupied of Salvation. What was the Replacement?
Fr. Valentin Danciu

How to see Inside of Us?, Fr. Ioan Chisarau

We close the Access to The Kingdom of Heaven and Return to Communism, Fr. Ioan Chisarau

It is hard to do Penance in a World which Relativize Sin, Fr. Valentin Danciu

The Church will be Filled by Discredited People, Fr. Ioan Chisarau

The Christian Family, the last Redoubt to be demolished by Satan, Fr. Valentin Danciu

The Entry of the Most Holy Mother of God in The Temple, Fr. Valentin Danciu

A Century of Genocide, Fr. Ioan Chisarau